Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarships serve several valuable purposes, including the recognition of merit and achievement as well as much needed financial support.

While you can find a scholarship for just about anything these days, students often have to sign up for emails, accounts or provide personal information to get a full list of scholarships available. At ScholarshipsFund, we provide all the information you need, without having to sign up or log in.

We believe that students deserve every chance possible at obtaining the financial aid they need for the education they deserve.

Each scholarship has its own criteria. Most often, scholarship criteria involves:
• Specific GPA requirements
• City, county or state requirements
• Student must be attending a specific school/university
• Student must be studying specific major
• Specific income level requirements

In some cases, the scholarship criteria involves various requirements such as a specific GPA, within a specific state and that the student has a certain major.

It is important that you carefully read through all the scholarship criteria to determine if you may be eligible to apply.
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